Once again it is a pleasure to communicate with you and let you know the progress made in the last month in the Magallanes project.

The month of August like all the previous months has been one of many challenges, but Dennis our technomancer has been able to update our API online to be able to make changes to the game mechanics in real time and to be able to launch balance updates as quickly as possible to benefit our players.

Alejandro, Dana and Angie have worked hard on the designs and animations of The Sleeper’s biome as well as the interface that takes shape every day.

Javi, our composer, has completed his work with the composition of the main music of The Sleeper, ambient music, sounds of battle, victory and defeat, and other sounds of the UI.

September comes with new challenges, we will begin with the second biome of our run, and we will begin coding and creating rewards between battles. We hope by the end of this year to have a complete run with all the characteristics that we have laid out.

Sincerely, your creative director