Greetings fellow players:

The Magallanes Project is going from strength to strength !! This month we have come a long way in animations, sound effects and game mechanics.

Our talented Alejandro is refining the main characters as well as The Sleeper, one of the bosses that we showed you in the letter of the month of April here>>. Another of the Bosses that has been designed and that I want to present to you today is:

Gaping Maw

Dennis, our master coder, has worked hard to bring our main battle system to life, getting in record time I would say the skeleton of a typical battle with physical attacks, elemental attacks and condition damage as well as support and heal effects.

Javier, our composer and writer, continues to work hard to create the literary world where we will develop the game as well as the composition of initial sounds for physical attacks, conditions among others.

We have been presenting team members on our social networks with a little information on how each of us has become involved in the world of video games, all thanks to the great production of Angela and Ibeth.

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All in all, I am very happy and satisfied with the progress that has been made this month. I can’t wait to see what awaits us in June when Dana, our animator, is added to the team and we can bring the entire battle system to life.

Sincerely, your Creative Director




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