A young soul full of creativity, that’s how we describes her. Meet Dana, our Creative Animator. She love #classicgames and her older sisters showed her this amazing #gameworld. We warn you, she might be very competitive sometimes.🎮 

Wanna challenge her to a #MarioKartWii race? We’re trying to get her out of the 1st place.👀

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What’s your name and your position? 

My name is Dana Diáz and I’m the animator. 

I’ll be animating all of the elements and characters for Project Magallanes and I’ll be in charge of the marketing strategies too.

How did you get into gaming? 

It all started with my sister’s PS1, she used to play a lot of Spyro, Speed Punks and Crash and that’s how I started. Of course since I was looking, I wanted to play with her but I was too little to really catch up the game but when, at my eight years old, she for the first time hands me the control, the game control, I learnt from her and that’s how I started into gaming. 

Tell us 3 interesting facts about yourself

I’m a pizza and a hamburger lover. It’s on my bucket list to skydive and I’m afraid of getting old, I wanna be  forever young.

What is the most memorable moment in your gaming history?

Well the most memorable moment is that nobody can beat me at Mario Kart and It’s proven by my family, friends and you even, can challenge me and I’ll show you, but at Mario Kart Wii. 

That thing is that I got very attached to my game consoles, that I keep playing on them until they stop working, so that’s why it’s Wii. 



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