Help❗ We can´t keep her still.😂 Meet Ángela Vásquez, also known as “Angie”, the Marketer & UI / UX Designer of our studio. Being surrounded by #gamers is how she discovered this amazing #gamingworld and took her to this project. 

Find out which #videogamecharacter Angie identifies with and tell us which one is yours.👀

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What’s your name and your position? 

Hello, my name is Angela Vasquez AKA Angie, I’m from Honduras and I’m the CMO of the project. I’ll be leading the marketing and communications and I’m very excited about this project and I hope I give everything I have to make it work.

How did you get into gaming? 

Yeah funny story, so there I was, in love with my boyfriend, my now husband and then he wanted our son to become a gamer and then my two brothers in-law were gamers too, and then I thought I knew my sister but no, she was a gamer too. So everybody around me were gamers and all of a sudden I was already involved in this fantastic project, learning, playing and having fun and now expecting this to come true. 

Tell us 3 interesting facts about yourself

So number one about my nickname, I’m the jumper of the team that’s because I’m not afraid of new challenges, learning new things and I just like to dive in and swim. 

Number two I’m a mother, I have a one year old baby and number three is that I like to eat in portions and I like to leave the best flavor for the end of the meal.

What is the most memorable moment in your gaming history?

One of the best characters that I like is Lara Croft, she is intelligent, she is eager, she is adventurous so I used to feel like her while playing and I now love to think that I feel like her in this project.



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